Preparation and cooking: keeping it simple

Easy. Convenient. As versatile as ground meat, but better in so many ways. Whole-food, plant-based, vegan Real Vegetable Meat is making a difference every day. It’s time to make it happen in your kitchen. Here are a few delicious dishes:


Recipe ideas


And of course, burgers

Learn more about about how easy it is to cook Real Vegetable Meat – just a little differently than ground meat – so you can enjoy a big whole food plant-based advantage. And follow us on Facebook or email us at to access to the latest recipes

It fits your values.

It fits your life. Dig in!

Fresher food for you

We make craft-sized batches of Real Vegetable Meat fresh every day, using local ingredients that arrive weekly. Vacuum-sealing and flash-freezing lock in the quality, then we ship it directly to you. 

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