Why NexVeg?

Maybe you or a friend or family member attempted to switch to a plant-based or vegan diet and couldn’t make the change. Since people started looking for alternatives to meat, commercial products have almost all taken one (or both) of two approaches. They either assemble ingredients to get significant protein on the nutrition label, or try to duplicate the flavors and textures of animal products. In either case, you end up with a combination of heavily processed ingredients that you’d never consider ‘food’ if they were sitting alone on a plate – things like protein isolates, caramel color, and carrageenan.

NexVeg does none of the above. That’s been a very conscious choice since day 1. We knew that our vegan alternative to meat had to look, taste, and be clearly different. It’s a meat substitute made from whole, real vegetables. It’s so simple. It delivers on the promise of truthful, nutritious and convenient whole-food eating. We believe that’s meaningful to anyone who’s ever wanted better access to healthier, real foods.


Really vegetables, really handcrafted, really delicious

Once you tried eating plant-based for a while, you found meat less and less appetizing. At NexVeg, we just don’t see the point of plant-based eating that relies on promoting the appetite for the taste and mouthfeel of animal meats. NexVeg is a handcrafted plant-based whole food protein for diners who consciously choose to eat meatless.

Using only whole-food ingredients and light processing, NexVeg offers:

  • amazing, authentic plant-based flavors and nutritional benefits
  • in a form that’s as easy to use and versatile as ground beef
  • through a dramatically more sustainable manufacturing approach than heavily processed options.

Making it easier to eat well

We’ve spent years developing, testing and proving NexVeg. We’ve served almost a million portions, receiving feedback from the most rich, diverse and discerning audience to ever help develop any food product. Getting it right, delicious, is crucial. I know, from personal experience and scientific research, that true whole-food diets that are overwhelmingly plant-based can make all the difference – for a person’s health and mentality, a local community’s strength, and the future integrity of our Earth.“ –Jonathan Netzky, Founder

We are food on a mission. Taking better care of people. And the planet where we live.

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